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Open Source Information Gathering using Maltego – Kali Linux

open source information gathering using maltego
Open Source Information Gathering using Maltego

In the current digital era, the internet has expanded into a large ocean of data, making it difficult to obtain pertinent and reliable information fast. Here’s where open-source information collecting, a method for obtaining data from sources that are open to the public, comes into play. For many reasons, including criminal investigations, corporate intelligence, and computer forensics, this information is essential. Maltego is one potent technology that can help with open-source data collection.

A popular open-source intelligence (OSINT) program called Maltego aids analysts and detectives in gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources. This technology is quite flexible and may be applied to a variety of tasks, including digital forensics and social engineering. Several intelligence experts now prefer Maltego because of its simple interface and strong data visualization features. In this blog article, we will investigate Maltego’s features and capabilities in further detail and showcase some of its use cases in the area of open-source intelligence collection (OSINT).

Understanding Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Let’s first comprehend the idea of open-source intelligence before delving into how Maltego might be utilized for information collection (OSINT). OSINT is the term for gathering, analyzing, and disseminating data from sources that are openly accessible. This includes resources like social media, online discussion boards, news organizations, and official websites, among others.

The Importance of OSINT in Information Gathering

As OSINT offers an alternative to conventional intelligence-collecting techniques, it is crucial for information gathering. OSINT is gathered from publicly accessible sources, as opposed to closed-source intelligence, which is collected through secret channels. As a result, it is easier to use and more affordable because it does not need a high level of security clearance or expensive equipment. Furthermore, because OSINT reflects a diverse variety of viewpoints and perspectives, it offers an insightful perspective on the data being studied.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OSINT

open source information gathering using maltego

There are several benefits to using OSINT. Due to its reliance on freely accessible sources, it is first and foremost a cost-effective method of information collection. This increases its use by making it available to more people and organizations. Second, because OSINT uses a variety of sources, it offers a comprehensive view of the data being studied. As a result, it may be used to analyze trends and spot patterns that may not be present in closed-source information. Finally, the accuracy and dependability of intelligence products may be improved by using OSINT to confirm and validate data collected from other sources.

OSINT does, however, have certain restrictions. As there is no assurance that the information acquired is reliable or current, the quality and accuracy of information obtained by OSINT may vary. While the sources employed may be impacted by personal or political motives, OSINT may also be prone to prejudice or manipulation. Lastly, since not all information received from publicly accessible sources may be lawfully obtained or morally acceptable, OSINT may be constrained by legal and ethical issues.

Introduction to Maltego

Overview of Maltego

An OSINT program called Maltego offers a strong and simple method for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data from diverse sources. Because of its adaptability and usability, Paterva’s Maltego has become quite well-liked among intelligence specialists.

What is Maltego?

Maltego’s primary function is that of a data visualization tool, which aids analysts and investigators in making sense of large data sets. It achieves this by giving consumers access to a graphical user interface that enables them to visualize data in various ways. Maltego may gather information from a variety of sources, including websites, government databases, social media platforms, and more.

maltego’s characteristics and talents

Maltego is a potent tool for open-source data collection because of its various features and capabilities. , the

Gather data from several sources and display it in different ways.

  • Examine the correlations and patterns between the data points.
  • Find important people or groups in a data set.
  • Produce reports and export data in several different formats.
  • Extend Maltego’s functionality by utilizing different add-ons and connectors.

Maltego Classic vs Maltego Community

Maltego comes in two different versions: Community and Classic. A free, open-source version of the application called Maltego Community offers essential features for modest-sized studies. The tool’s premium version, Maltego Classic, offers more tools and capabilities for in-depth research. Maltego Community is appropriate for simple inquiries, whereas Maltego Classic is ideal for more intricate investigations that call for sophisticated data processing and visualization.

Gathering Open Source Intelligence with Maltego

Let’s look more closely at the procedure for obtaining OSINT using Maltego now that we are familiar with what it is and how it may be utilized

Maltego setup for OSINT

You must first download and install Maltego before using it for OSINT research. After installation, Maltego has to be set up to connect to the different data sources you wish to use. Setting up API keys or other types of authentication for the various sources may be necessary.

open source information gathering using maltego

Collecting Data from Various Sources

When Maltego is configured, you may start gathering information from multiple sources. Maltego may collect information from a variety of sources, including websites, databases maintained by the government, social networking sites, and more. You may create your unique data collectors or utilize the built-in data-gathering capabilities provided by Maltego.

Organizing and Analyzing Gathered Data Using Maltego

Maltego may be used to organize and analyze data that you have acquired from a variety of sources. Maltego offers a range of graphing and charting tools, as well as tools for spotting trends and connections between data points, for the visualization of data. Maltego’s reporting capabilities may be used to create reports based on your results.

Using Maltego for OSINT investigations has several advantages, one of which is the ability to display complicated data sets clearly and understandably. This can be especially helpful in cases when tracking the activity of people or groups over time is required, as well as in cases where there is a lot of data involved.

Maltego is a fantastic tool for acquiring open-source intelligence, to sum up. It may assist intelligence workers in making sense of large data sets and identifying patterns and linkages that would not otherwise be obvious because of its capacity to gather and examine information from a wide range of sources. Investigators may better comprehend the things they are looking at and make more informed decisions by using Maltego for OSINT investigations.

In this tutorial, I will briefly introduce how to use the Maltego tool in Kali Linux, as we know that Kali Linux is the OS of choice for penetration testers. It is packed with multiple tools that can be used during penetration testing. For example, reconnaissance, scanning, gaining, persistence, and analysis and reporting. 

There are a lot of tools on Kali Linux, and some of them stand out. They stand out because they are consistently and mostly used. One such tool is the Maltego. It is an information-gathering tool that comes builtin into Kali Linux by default and can be used in the information-gathering process.

So, if you want to know more about Open Source Information Gathering using Maltego and how the Maltego tool works for information gathering, then I recommend you to watch this video till the end.

Note: This video is in the Hindi Language.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is open source information gathering, and why is it important?

A. Publicly accessible information from several sources is gathered and analyzed as part of open-source information gathering. In many investigations, including intelligence collecting, threat assessment, and risk management, it is a crucial component.

Q. What is Maltego, and how is it used for open-source information gathering?

A. A data visualization tool called Maltego may be used to compile open-source data. It may gather information from a variety of places, including websites, social media platforms, and government databases. The data may then be analyzed to find trends and connections between different data points.

Q. What are the advantages of using Maltego for open-source information gathering?

A. For OSINT research, Maltego is a potent tool. It is an essential tool for intelligence workers since it may assist investigators in gathering, analyzing, and visualizing data from a variety of sources. Investigators can make sense of complicated data sets with the aid of Maltego, which also enables them to see patterns and connections that would not be obvious otherwise.

Q. What are the differences between Maltego Community and Maltego Classic?

A. Free software called Maltego Community is available for both personal and non-commercial usage. It can only be used to evaluate tiny data sets and has few features. A more potent version of the program intended for business use is called Maltego Classic. It may be used to evaluate huge data sets and has more sophisticated functionalities.

Q. Is Maltego easy to use for beginners?

A. Beginners may find Maltego a little intimidating, but there are many tools available to assist you. Maltego has a user community where you may post questions and get assistance from other users as well as a wealth of material and tutorials. You can master the use of Maltego for OSINT investigations with some practice.


In conclusion, acquiring open-source data is a crucial component of many investigations, and Maltego is an effective tool for gathering and processing information. Maltego is a useful tool for intelligence specialists and investigators since it can gather data from many sources and analyze it to find patterns and links.

We have discussed the fundamentals of open-source information collection and given a brief overview of Maltego in this post. We’ve talked about Maltego’s capabilities and features, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of adopting open-source data collection techniques for research. Also, we’ve outlined the variations between Maltego Community and Maltego Classic and offered some advice on how to use Maltego for OSINT investigations.

In the years to come, we anticipate seeing a steady increase in the usage of OSINT and open-source information collection. Tools like Maltego will be even more crucial as the amount of data available online increases for making sense of intricate data sets. In the area of data visualization and analysis, new tools and methods should also continue to be developed to aid researchers in making sense of the data.

Ultimately, Maltego-based open-source information collecting is a useful tool for investigators and intelligence specialists. Maltego is a crucial tool for anybody undertaking OSINT investigations since it can gather and analyze data from a variety of sources.

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