Hello my friend, thank you for being here, hope so you are doing amazing these days. The reason you are here is that you wanted to know about me and about this website.

So, I’ll start this with my introduction. I’m Akash Tiwari and I’ve done graduation in computer science back in 2020. At the time of my graduation, I got very attached to computers and then I decided to learn more and more.

I’ve never imagined that I’ll create this website with my own name. This just happened very suddenly and I created this website just for you guys. I’m a very passionate learner and I like to learn new things every day.

I’m into this tech field from the last 5 years and I’ve learned a lot from the internet. But, now I decided to share my knowledge with you through this blog. I hope you will definitely find this website useful.

As this website is on my name then I’ll not limit this website to a micro category, this website is totally focused on making money online, digital marketing and much more whether it is about gadgets, software, products, cybersecurity, application development, etc…

I’ll share as much information as I can which I learned in the last 5 years from my mentors and from the internet. Now it’s time to give back to the internet because what I’m now is just because of this internet.

There is much more to tell you but I’ll save that for later. Hope so you now know me and about this website. That’s all for now!!

Thanks, you once again & never forget you are absolutely amazing … Peace!!